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VISMA clear face mask lets others see your smile

Are you tired of hiding your smile behind your face mask? With the VISMA visible mask, that isn’t a problem anymore. Thanks to its clear material, everyone will be able to see your face. And even better, its ventilated design sends filtered fresh air inside the mask to keep you breathing easy. Check out this blog post to learn more about this cool new mask.

Breathe easy again with the VISMA visible mask. This clear face mask features ventilation so you can take deep, full breaths while you’re out and about. And its see-through design lets you express your emotions. In the past year, you’ve probably experienced it; that suffocating feeling you get when you climb a flight of stairs while wearing a face mask. Your mouth and cheeks get sweaty, and you feel like you just can’t take a deep breath. You know it’s just perception; you’re totally getting enough oxygen, but it’s just uncomfortable. And that’s where the VISMA can help.

The VISMA is a helpful face mask. It features an active ventilation design, and with its food-grade transparent silicone body, it provides a window to your smile, letting others see your expressions. Moreover, this clear face mask is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and washable. Let’s check it out.

Get active ventilation with this transparent face mask

Do you wish you could siphon off a little fresh air to make breathing through your cloth or disposable face mask easier? You can with the VISMA. With three adjustable levels of airflow, an electric fan delivers filtered fresh air right inside your mask. This keeps your face dry and gives you that extra bit of fresh air to help you breathe more easily. In fact, this feature can give you over 16 liters per minute of breathing volume flow rate. That’s exactly what you need for your outdoor yoga sessions.

This transparent face mask makes breathing easier and lets you show off your pretty smile VISMA visible mask
VISMA face mask outdoors

Stay fog free for up to 8 hours

If you’re worried about fog accumulating on this transparent face mask, you needn’t be. The active ventilation feature also helps eliminate fogging for up to eight hours. So you can feel free to wear the VISMA during your morning run or walk to work on a humid day. The mask remains clear thanks to the filtered air that circulates inside. Meanwhile, your face will stay dry and comfortable.

This transparent face mask makes breathing easier and lets you show off your pretty smile VISMA visible mask
VISMA on a person

Show off your smile with its transparent design

If you’re a teacher or healthcare professional, you know how helpful it is for your students and patients to see your facial expressions. The people you help pick up subtle cues from your face while you talk. It’s an important link in your communication. And, if you think about it, facial expressions are important in just about any social interaction. Thankfully, this clear face mask uses a high transparency-grade material, letting others see exactly what you want to express.

VISMA in a video

Keep comfortable with this lightweight face mask

You might think that since the VISMA is made from silicone, it could be heavy and uncomfortable to wear. But, actually, this useful gadget is lightweight. It only weighs about 160 grams, or just over 5.5 ounces, so it won’t add much extra weight to your face. Also, with its 3D ergonomic design, the mask’s inventors designed this clear face mask to sit comfortably on your face. Finally, an adjustable elastic headband strip allows you to adjust this useful gadget to your size.

Wash this innovative face mask when it’s dirty

Tired of wasting money on a box of disposable masks that you’re just going to throw away? The VISMA is a face mask you can keep wearing again and again because you can clean it. And the process is easy. Simply remove the electronics, wash the mask, and wipe it dry. You can even use sanitizer to give it a quick disinfection treatment when you’re on the go.

Recharge it in just 1.5 hours

A rechargeable battery powers the VISMA’s electronic components. It gives you about six hours of use on a full charge with the fan on middle power. So that’s most of a workday or an entire afternoon out. When your battery runs out, replacing the battery is easy. And just a 1.5-hour charging session brings you back to a full battery. So it’s a pretty convenient EDC gadget.

Replace the ASTM Level 1 filters

The fresh air that enters the VISMA gets filtered through an ASTM Level 1 filter. It provides a bacterial filtration efficiency standard (BFE) of ≥95% and a particle filtration efficiency standard (PFE) of ≥95%. These filters are easy to replace in the mask. And you get 50 replacements when you buy the VISMA, so you should be good for a while.

Many new face mask designs have cropped up during 2020–2021, but see-through models haven’t been that common. Thankfully, the VISMA mask combines transparent material with features that facilitate easier breathing and a comfortable fit. This is a mask that lets you go about your daily activities comfortably and makes your social interactions more meaningful. Are you ready to show off your smile again? Then go for the VISMA.

You can preorder the VISMA visible mask for $79.83 on Kickstarter. What other gadgets do you wear to stay safe while you’re out? Let us know about them in the comments.

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