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The Cl0p Bust Shows Exactly Why Ransomware Isn’t Going Away

On Wednesday, as United States president Joe Biden and Russian president Vladimir Putin prepared to meet in Geneva, Ukrainian law enforcement announced the arrest of six suspects allegedly tied to the notorious Cl0p ransomware group. In collaboration with South Korean and US investigators, Ukrainian authorities searched 21 residences in and ...

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Apple Says It’s Time to Digitize Your ID, Ready or Not

If you’ve ever scanned a digital boarding pass directly from your phone at airport security, you can imagine how doing the same with your driver’s license would make life a little easier. Beginning in iOS 15 this fall, Apple will enable just that, letting you store your state ID alongside ...

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Google Won’t Kill the URL After All

This week marked the arrival of Amazon Sidewalk, a mesh network that enlists your Echo and Ring devices to share bandwidth with others in the vicinity. Since the company opted everyone in without asking, here’s a quick guide to how you can turn off Amazon Sidewalk, and why you might ...

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As Ransomware Demands Boom, Insurance Companies Keep Paying Out

AXA’s frustration with the lack of regulatory clarity is understandable given the ambiguous approaches many governments have taken to the issue. In the United States, authorities have discouraged but not outright forbidden the payment of ransoms, though last October the Treasury Department released a notice warning that some ransom payments ...

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How to Turn Off Amazon Sidewalk

Today Amazon is turning on Sidewalk, a way to extend internet service between Amazon devices like Echo smart speakers and Ring cameras. Unless you opt out, your Amazon devices will automatically start participating in this connectivity bacchanal. Amazon has talked about Sidewalk for a while, so it’s no surprise that ...

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