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UK says it warned 16 NATO allies of Russian hacking activities

UK’s tax authority forced to delete 5 million biometric records ‘Biggest ever’ deletion of biometric data by government comes after HMRC obtained data “unlawfully” according to privacy regulator. The UK has shared information on Russian hacking attacks with 16 NATO allies over the last 18 months, a British government official ...

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Was Dreamhack Mumbai 2018 a Repeat of the Indian Gaming Carnival?

Dreamhack Mumbai 2018 wanted to be India’s number one gaming festival. However the truth was far from that. In this episode of Transition, we discuss what happened during Dreamhack’s India debut such as the presence of possibly pirated Nintendo ROMs despite the organiser claiming otherwise. Furthermore, we talk about issues ...

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US could blacklist up to five Chinese surveillance firms

Following the recent executive order that banned US firms from doing business with Huawei, the US is now considering adding up to five Chinese firms specializing in video surveillance to a blacklist that would bar them from using US components or software. The US could add Hikvision, Dahua and several ...

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Apple announces fully updated 8-core MacBook Pro

Do more from anywhere when you have the Apple Updated 8-Core MacBook Pro. Available in 6-core and 8-core Intel Core processor options, the all-new MacBook is all about ultra-fast speeds. With Turbo Boost, the laptop can reach speeds up to 5.0 GHz to handle everything from multiple power-hungry apps to ...

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